Custom Cookies for Any Occassion!


How much do your cookies cost?

Please see the "Cookie Inquiry" page for information on pricing. 

Can I get 12 different designs in a set?

No. I limit the number of designs to 3-4/dozen. 

How far in advance do I need to order?

I usually need at least 2 weeks notice for an order if I am not already booked. I usually stay booked about a month in advance. I also only book about 3 months out at a time (to save my sanity). I usually have my calendars posted on social media. 

Can you do rush orders?

If I am not booked (or not needing sleep that week...), I might be able to fit a rush order in. A rush fee will be applied. A rush order is anything under 10 days notice.

Can I get a custom order for the week of a Holiday?

Unfortunately, right now I do not take custom orders the week of a major Holiday (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, Easter, Teacher Appreciation Week, etc.). These are big cookie ordering Holidays and in order to accommodate more clients, I offer a special with a range of values.

Do you ship?

No. I currently do not ship.

Do your cookies actually taste good?


How long will they stay fresh?

A: Cookies will stay good in an airtight container for up to at least 2 weeks. Cookies can be frozen as well. When freezing cookies, use a ziplock bag and an airtight container. Be sure to thaw and let the cookies come to room temp in the original container and bag to prevent colors from bleeding. 

Can you individually bag the cookies?

I can! I charge $.50/cookie to bag and tie them with coordinating ribbon. 

Can you accommodate large orders?

Yes! I have done wedding favors, corporate favors, and large holiday orders. Large orders (over $200) require half a deposit down to reserve the date. The remaining balance is due 2 weeks before the event. 

Are your cookies made from scratch?

Yes! I make the cookies and all the icing myself. (I can't make these questions up people...)

What allergies should I be aware of?

My cookies contain dairy, wheat, and eggs. While I do not use nut products in my cookies, my kitchen is not a nut free zone. I also do not currently do gluten free cookies. 

What flavors do you offer?

My only flavor I offer year round is my basic vanilla sugar cookies. Occasionally during the holidays, I might offer a fun festive flavor exclusive to that occasion. 

Do you have gift cards?

Yes! I have gift certificates for the amount of your choice. 

Do you offer discounts?

No, I do not offer discounts. The amount of time and thought that goes into each individual cookie is precious to me. I take great pride in my work and enjoy what I do. While I know my prices are not cheap, I know they are worth it.